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Baby Photos Chicago

Baby photos are something that each parent can't wait to have. Nowadays, each step that a baby takes, from that first day in the world to the first day of school and everything in between, us, parents get photos of just about every movement. However, sometimes it's nice to have some professional photos taken. Although getting a baby to smile and model on cue is rather hard, but not impossible.

I try to capture the best facial expressions and movement a baby makes by keeping him/her in their environment and keeping them comfortable. Some of the best photos are taken outside and in nature, but when that's not possible, a nice indoor session is always welcomed. Also, having props and costumes make the photo funner and leaves room for more creative ideas.

A baby photo session lasts about an hour and a half and it costs $200.00 and you receive your photos about two weeks later, edited and retouched in high resolution on a DVD, along with the copyrights and no watermark on them. For more information feel free to contact us at any time via email or by phone at (877) 927-7238.

You can check out the "baby photography" tab on the website to see some examples of artistic black and white and newborn photographs I took. Feel free to contact me with any questios and if need any kind of information, ideas or tips, I will be more than happy to help out. Byt he end of the session you will have a bunch of prefessional, unique, modern and full of magic pictures of your baby.

By Gia Dragoi


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