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Wedding Photography

In anyone's life, the wedding day is probably one of the most significant days, and for those precious moments, I am there to make sure that every expression is captured for a lifetime of enjoyment. On your special day it is important you have fun and enjoy the moment and not worry about every problem that arises, and I will be there to make sure you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible for the photography session. We will capture every detail of your special event, from the smallest design of the wedding gown to table settings and expressions of guests, while making every image as beautiful as possible. And at the same time capturing the emotions and expressions of the bride and groom, as they make the most important day of their life so irreplaceable, unique and memorable.

Styles range from traditional portraits and artistic to Chicago photojournalistic style, and you can choose which one you'd like or we can do a mix of all of them. Whether it's a small, intimate ceremony, or otherwise, we cover it all with the out-most focus and concentration while capturing candid moments that make each wedding special and unique.

From a photography stand, I will try to make your day as great as possible, stress free, and capture the most important moments of your wedding. I am there to make sure that everything concerning photography goes as smooth as possible and everyone is completely satisfied with the photos. Shortly after the wedding, your photos can be set up on our client gallery so that you, your family and friends can view them and even download them.

During your wedding day, we will cover the getting ready part, the ceremony, the reception, and of course, we will take all the wedding party photos necessary at one or more locations of your choice. We can suggest a few locations in Chicago, that are wedding friendly and with great natural backdrops, or if in the suburbs, we can choose something that defines you best, anything from nature setting to city backdrops.

By Gia Dragoi

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